Reka Rakosi

The first time I stepped in it felt amazing. Everyone was friendly and lovely. During the sessions I did different things like games, warm ups, improvisations, performing and learning lines. Now that we are performing a very intriguing piece it feels very exciting.

Actor in Attempts on her Life, May 2015

Purple Moon Drama is a drama club for young people who would like to grow in confidence and develop within a creative community. At Purple Moon Drama, we nurture creative talent from all members of the community irrespective of socio-economic status.

  • If you, or a young person you’re responsible for, want to grow in confidence, perform at great venues in London, and work on exciting bespoke projects with our partners throughout the year, register now.

  • If you want to study an arts based subject, or would benefit from an open creative community, we can support your development. Members form part of an exciting collective of young beneficiaries.

  • The classes are affordable, challenging and fun.

We enrich the community with arts provisions.

We develop community assets.

We design bespoke programmes for schools and corporate bodies.

Stefan Zeiler

I feel like purple moon has shown me all it takes to make a theatre production, from funding and advertising to the preparation work that needs to be done and the actual rehearsing and performing. I hope I can use that knowledge to keep on creating even if it means I need to start my own theatre company.

Actor in Noughts and Crosses, May 2016

Purple Moon Drama CIC Company Number: 10475415