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No More Mr Nice Guy at Broadway Theatre (March 2024)

March 27, 20242 min read

Credit has to be given to Jonel’s mastery of wordplay, which had me feeling like I was watching a One Man Hamilton.” - Joy Adeogun

I have one word for this play: Electric. It's rare to see a show that demands your involvement, keeps you hooked for every minute and displays a dazzling spectacle. I definitely had high expectations, it's ‘Nouveau Riche’, the company that brought For Black Boys! They are in the limelight and they deserve to be.

This show ATE! No More Mr Nice Guy is a one man show created by the talented Cal-I Jonel, who writes, composes and allows us to enter this rich journey. His story follows Keloughn Douglas, a British-Caribbean music teacher, who is really just going through it - He is pulled in every which direction: His girlfriend wants a dream, ‘insta perfect-wedding’; His line manager wants him to consider senior leadership; a record label wants him to blend a ‘kanyesque’ vibe with a mix of ‘Central Cee and Craig David’ all whilst ‘middle class microaggressive ass Becky’ is constantly on Keloughn’s case. Phew! There’s a lot going on! Thankfully, Jonel is a phenomenal performer who effortlessly guides us through the story. He ebbs and weaves through a whopping seven mics on stage, a piano, a giant chair, and a guitar whilst keeping us incredibly invested. Credit has to be given to Jonel’s mastery of wordplay, which had me feeling like I was watching a One Man Hamilton. How did he have me jamming along to a song about Aunty Mabel’s dry cake?!

Keloughn askes for someone to ‘Give [him] a base and let [him] spit this revelation’ and I feel this really sums up the essence of this show. Music is the very essence of this play. Hannah Ledwidge (Musical Director), Khalil Madovi (Sound Designer) and Terry Smiles (Musician) have come together to craft beautiful mixes and compositions. The use of live music in the play makes sitting in that intimately packed audience space a bodily experience. - I felt the beat of the drums, and beautiful notes of the piano vibrate into my chair. This show blended humour with more poignant notes about cultural expectation, daily microaggressions and the monotony of middle aged life in a thrilling and refreshing way. The final lines uttered by Keloughn in a song titled ‘Where do we go from here?’ and ‘I don't wanna cry no more i just want to fly’ left every audience member enriched and ready to engage in those difficult conversations. Nouveau Riche have really done it again, truthfully enhancing and adding to contemporary conversation about what it means to part of the Black British Diaspora.

4 Out Of 5 Moons 🌕🌕🌕🌕

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Joy Adeogun

Joy’s early journey started on stage, training through various theatres: Almeida Theatre, Hackney Empire, Young Actors Theatre, Wac Arts, National Theatre and various others. She expanded her academic ability by reading English Literature at Cambridge University where she honed her playwright skills.

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