Eva Ruseva

Often after a bad week, Friday rehearsals lift up my mood drastically and reminds me of my purpose in life.

Participant in Tinderella & the Beast

Ms A. Casu

Thanks so much for the wonderful workshop. The students were left feeling inspired and spoke very highly of you. You provided many practical strategies, such as the use of Lecoq’s Seven Levels of Tension in order to create effective characterisation. I’m sure this will be invaluable preparation for their Unit 3 exam. Would thoroughly recommend you to other schools.

Teacher; Highbury Fields School

Young adult - Cast ensemble fun group shot

Sabina Bissett

I have learned at Purple Moon Drama that I have a serious chance at doing things I want to do and that my feelings are important.

Participant in Tinderella & the Beast

Nine casually dressed young adults, in a line up on stage, with purple backdrop


Today’s session was extremely helpful and was really useful for our upcoming exam. We should do more work like this. Thank you!

Student, Raines Foundation

Seven young adults, six in hospital gowns, one dressing in a Doctor's white coat, against an industrial brick building


The play was wonderful and vibrant. It touched upon a lot of current and important themes. Great to see young people put on such a great show.

Audience Member, Side Effects