Team Building Workshop
Drama in the Office

“I feel much more connected to the people I see everyday. It makes you realise that other people are in the same boat as you and have similar thoughts and feelings. ”

Michael, RSA March 2017


• Improved sense of connection to colleagues
• Increased awareness of shared issues and ways to problem solve
• Knowledge of how relaxation techniques
• Practical understanding of how to release tension and refocus
• Increased awareness of unique strengths
• Feeling part of a functional whole and an increased initiative to self-manage and communicate any issues
• Increased options for self-development and knowledge of power to change


• Improved workplace cohesion and wellbeing
• Decreased sense of isolation and improved peer to peer support
• Improved coping skills and staff absenteeism
• Happier and healthier employees willing to positively contribute
• Increased productivity
• An improved office atmosphere with empowered employees willing to be responsible for their own wellbeing
• Improved individual and team leadership to bring about effective delivery of key business objectives